Prophetic Word Poem: A Message Unstoppable


When I started writing this poem on the night of 19th July 2016, I had no idea how it would end or what the exact message would be! When I woke up on 20th July 2016, I had a revelation of the message God wanted me to convey! 

A message unstoppable:

A message pushes through a maze unfazed by storms and resisting waves of life.

It is unrelenting, swerving around obstacles, arriving on time, and on point. 

Unstoppable as a babe’s delivery time. It must be heard in this generation without alteration nor additives by those with motives for an alternative.

It resonates tireless across borders, boundaries of land and heart.
Turned on at full blast A message to impart and to trust
Day and night, it is heard, in all seasons and for divinereasons to heal nations and relations.
Rain or shine it resounds.A powerful sound as a two-edged sword to cut away rigid trains of thought.
It speaks “Human kind is precious, every life matters whatever the race. Consider, care and love one another.Love is the principle thing”
©Deborah E. Nyamekye 20/07/2016


Author: Deborah Esther

Deborah Esther Nyamekye is a born again Christian and a prolific Christian Writer and Poet who writes on her personal blogs regularly. She is also the author of a number of books,namely: -Love intertwined: Behold Jesus Christ & His Beloved Disciples. -Our God Reigns: Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry - Part 1 & 2. -God's Ways Are Higher. Treasures of Wisdom Series Volume 1 -Wielding the Sword of the Spirit. Treasurers of Wisdom Series Volume 2. Deborah has been in church ministry for a number of years. She currently serves the Body of Christ as a Prophetess, Intercessor and Teacher/Life Skills Trainer. Deborah's two ministries are under the umbrella of Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries International she founded in 2013. They are namely, I. Ready Writer Prophetic Scribe Ministry: This ministry is for the writing and publication of books and general writing through two blogs and as a team writer for other publications; In 2006, Deborah began writing for two online magazines: My Trending Stories ( and Nice Column by Shira ( The two blogs are namely: 1.Manna from on High blog: Deborah writes strictly scriptural (Bible) based inspirational poems, teachings, exhortations, decrees & declarations, prayers and prophetic words/counsel. 2.Human life, Inter-Racial Relations Advocacy & Social Justice Blog. In this blog, as well as exploring all aspects of human life, Deborah fulfils her calling to be a racial equality and social justice (e.g. for the poor, oppressed, disadvantaged of society) advocate. There is also focus on interpersonal relationships which include racial and international relations and man's relationship with Jesus/God and His with us. All from a Christ-filled perspective or by Holy Spirit inspiration. This may be through either a reflection, a poem, an exhortation/inspirational teaching or actual prophetic words Deborah discerns God is giving her to impart. From these websites, Deborah's writing is posted on major social media networks e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. LinkedIn & Instagram. Facebook page @AuthorPoet.RWPSM II. Maranatha Encounters Ministry is an events ministry for intercessory prayer as well as teaching and training mainly in the area of prophetic identity, destiny and holiness. Deborah also has a prayer & prophecy ministry for contacts through webmail on the parent ministry website Deborah's life is dedicated to fulfilling her part in the end time harvest of souls (evangelism, salvation and discipleship), as a result her passionate desire and prayer is that multitudes will come to Christ, know their predestined identity and destiny and be transformed so as to fulfil their God given purpose.

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