The Word of the LORD 


This is the era of a multitude of voices erupting in all the earth as volcanoes erupt in their fierceness.

A time for the voice of multitudes to be heard, to resound like the steps of an army marching boldly in unison.

A time for the masses with a voice to sound the trumpet of godly truth in all the land, to declare enough is enough and to push through against the injustice, the inequality that is rising even in arenas of government. In places once never platforms for such acts and proclamations. 

I am coming soon says the LORD. There are some saying things, raising their voice and proclaiming they speak for me, even applauding those who divide, who release the sword of contention and say they speak for me. I am not with them. 
The wicked are rising above their edifices to even greater heights of wickedness. Their concrete slabs of hatred has increased, layer upon layer they build. But I say, says the LORD, as in times before they shall come crushing down; they build but they build in vain. They hate but their hatred shall catapult backward and they shall be struck with a force of destruction they have never known. Mark my word, I the LORD has spoken. I the LORD shall have the last word as in the days of old, as in times of old.
Received on 3/10/2017 by Deborah E. Nyamekye 


Prophetic Counsel: Ask: “God I want to see, so as to overcome!”

Ask God for “eye salve”(supernatural means to overcome spiritual blindness) so you can “see” (discern) the wolves in sheeps’ clothing or the beast’s prime agents in the high places…unless of course you can see, but prefer to pretend all is well, or you prefer to stay in the “land of oblivion”.

Choose to see things as they truly are and indeed as a disciple of Christ, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). 
God will open your spiritual eyes, give you revelation; (wisdom, knowledge and understanding) so as to pray according to God’s will and be always alert and attentive to His warning. 
May the LORD gift us with greater insight and the gift of discerning of spirits in this generation of escalating wickedness and evil.
Deborah Esther x


A Prophetic Decree/Declaration & Exhortation for You! 


Father God, with the authority invested in me through Christ Jesus, I decree and declare that your people, those who are truly yours are coming out of every realm of confinement, of restriction and entering into “Rehoboth” (spaciousness) you have planned for them, their families, communities and nations.

 It is time to push through, no holding back for you have all at your disposal “the tools”, the “know how” and anointing. 
The strategies have already been planned before time, what is left is for you to ADVANCE and shake off all that is holding you back. 

The keys of hades and hell, heaven and earth, the key to open a door that no man shuts you have; All the authority from Yeshua is given to you exercise it and if you trust Him, you will see prophecies come to fruition one by one and so your destiny shall unfold or continue to do so: 


18He said to them, “I saw Satan having fallen like lightning from heaven.19Behold, I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will in any way hurt you. (Luke 10:18-19KJV)
18Jesus came to them and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.

19Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit 20teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you. Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.(Matthew 28:18-20)

Deborah Esther x

Sown in tears? You shall reap in joy! 

This is a message for someone: You may have sown in tears but I want to tell you that you shall reap in joy. Your time is now! 

You see there is always a time for everything. A time to sow and to reap. No situation is permanent in God’s scheme of things. He is the same yesterday today and forever more. 
As He said to the children of Israel, so He is saying to you faithful one “those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping bearing seed for sowing shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him”.(Psalm 126:5-6)

Your tears sown in travail as a faithful believer of Christ has been working for you a great reward. Your hands of labour have not been in vain! Those tears in hard times, meant for evil were signs of your affliction which as a child of God are never in vain, but intended for a time of your glorious arising in character transformation and readiness to receive and value all that God has for you.

Blessed are you if you believe God’s Word

imagesI read the account of Mary the mother of Jesus visiting Elizabeth her cousin. Elizabeth, on hearing Mary’s testimony of what the Angel Gabriel told her which is that she will give birth to Jesus Christ, replied as follows

“…blessed [is] she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45 KJV)

Elizabeth’s reply brought to memory incidents in my own life when God had spoken to me and I believed what He said. I acted and looking back, I can see how He has confirmed each Word.

One such testimony is when I relocated to England fifteen years ago purely based on a personal word spoken to me by God the Father as I sat in a prophetic conference in the UK listening to a prophet speak.

On my return to Geneva where I lived at the time, by faith I stopped the process of buying a flat and handed in my notice at work and I also wrote a letter ending my tenancy agreement. I therefore started preparing myself to relocate to the UK. Family and friends thought I was either mad or my faith in God was being taken to unreasonable proportions and they were very worried about me. When I told them I was going to bible school (this gateway came to me a few days later) and well after that I did not know what God had planned for me, but I trusted Him, they were even more convinced there was something wrong with me!

I had a good and stable job, great friends and was planted in a local church in this affluent European city of Geneva where many, even in the UK would give up everything to relocate to – wasn’t that enough, surely I was already abundantly blessed, many thought.

My father also tried to talk me out of relocating, he asked “can’t you do a bible correspondence course? you don’t have to go all the way to the UK!”. But as much as I love my father, my heavenly Father’s command was what I felt compelled to obey.

Friends and family did not understand. I had to be obedient and trust God because I was certain He had spoken to me. His voice was like thunder, loud and audible within me and repetitive as He told me He wanted me in “this nation” (the UK).
“The voice of the LORD [is] upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD [is] upon many waters….The voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire.” (Ps. 29:3,7 KJV)

I had a Suisse lawyer who I discerned by her rhetoric with a raised voice at times, was offended that I should leave the “best” city in the world to live in London. I thought “Well, how ever highly she thought of Geneva in comparison to London was not going to change my mind. I am not interested in documented proof of what she is saying if there is any at all. One thing I will focus on is what God is telling me, which is to relocate to England, London to be precise and that is what I am going to do!”

I literally set my face like flint refusing to budge even when people were trying to discourage me.

I trusted God completely, knowing that He was in absolute control of my life and if He was sending me to England then it was within His predestined plan for my life. My Heavenly Father has a hope and a future for all His children and I was excited and in anticipation of my life ahead.
Abba Father was saying to me as He was to the Israelites:
“I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV)


Sooner or later, if God has truly spoken to you, mark my word, He will confirm it !

“God [is] not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do [it]? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?”(Num. 23:19 KJV)

In June of the same year, four months after I was told by the LORD to relocate to the UK, I returned to the UK for another prophetic conference hosted by the same European branch of Christian International ministries that hosted the February conference. By this time I had applied for bible school in the UK to start in the autumn and was awaiting confirmation.

At the end of the conference, during the prophetic ministry time in which each individual receives prophecies from a team of prophets, one of them said to me “within six months you will be relocating geographically to a place where you will be more fruitful… You are a birther, a spiritual midwife, you will birth many things in the body of Christ”.

I praised God that at least someone apart from me had heard from Him that I was to relocate geographically! I would have still relocated even if I had not had this confirmation from an external source but God has a principle which is to confirm and establish His word as follows:

“… In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” (2 Corinthians 13:1)

Looking back however I must say this prophecy received in June really strengthened my faith to the point that I even arrived in the UK on 31st August, before I received a letter acknowledging receipt of my application or even confirmation of acceptance from the only bible school I applied to that June. I only applied to that one because the LORD had highlighted it to me in March. It is the bible school of a well known church and following my call to move to England in February, I had started getting the name of the church repetitively in mind! I did not know that the church had a bible school, so I just pondered why I was thinking so much about it.
One morning I felt led to call a relative who is a committed Christian in London to tell her of God’s word that I move to England. She listened and then said that she saw me at the bible school of the same church I had been consistently thinking about! This relative is a woman in ministry who had attended another bible school. The fact that she did not even recommend the one she attended but chose the one connected to the church I had in mind confirmed to me without reasonable doubt that the LORD had chosen the gateway to England, which was that specific bible school. Wow what an awesome God we serve !

4The voice of the LORD [is] powerful; the voice of the LORD [is] full of majesty. (Psalm 29:4 KJV)

Having settled in a flat outside London, certain I was going to be accepted at the bible school for God is not a man that He should lie, I contacted the Administration office of the bible school during the first week of September. The administrator apologized for the delay which affected all potential students due to a reason beyond her control. She said that my letter of acceptance had been sent to my Geneva address that same week. I asked for a copy to be sent to me at my address in England. I started at the bible school in October full of joy knowing that it was the beginning of a new era in my life.

To God be the glory great things He has done!!

Brothers and sisters I hope you are encouraged by my testimony, indeed over the years in the UK I have seen the faithfulness of God even though there have been some challenges and afflictions. I have not always heard clearly from the LORD and made certain decisions which I later regretted and have had to repent.

God has always been with me and fulfilled several words he spoke to me personally and major prophecies from renowned prophets. As concerns being more fruitful in this land of geographical relocation, I list some of the ways God has made me fruitful here not to boast but to glorify Him who over a fifteen years period has shown Himself to be a God who is absolutely true to His word! I have been involved in
-street evangelism, sharing the gospel and leading people to the Lord or to rededicate their lives.
-discipling and teaching many; some members of my cell group at the time have started their own respectable international ministries and always point to their being birthed into their calling from the time they were in my cell group.
-pioneering and leading intercessory prayer ministry in a local church.
-partaking of local church and conference prophecy and healing ministry teams.

The Lord in 2013 led me to start Bearwitness-Forerunner Ministries Int. from which the Ready Writer Prophetic Scribe Ministry has been birthed. “Daily Manna from on High” is under the Prophetic Scribe Ministry.

In all my experiences I have learnt many things, but one thing that stands out is that as we stay focused on the “one thing” (Ps. 27:4) as David to seek the LORD, dwell in His house and to behold His beauty and enquire from Him, our steps are inevitably ordered by Him. If we believe this we will always be compelled to take steps of faith in the direction in which we feel He is leading us. Even if we make mistakes, He is faithful to painstakingly work things out for our good (Romans 8:28/Isaiah 62) and so steer us back on course.

I therefore encourage you to trust and obey God, when you do you will never be disappointed.

God says “…they Shall not be disappointed that wait for me” (Isaiah 49:23)

You are blessed, determine to stay blessed.
Deborah Esther x

©Deborah E. Nyamekye 5/12/2015

“Rise of A “Love-Truth Tramps Hate-Lies” Revolution”

I wrote this “Rise of A “Love-Truth Tramps Hate-Lies” Revolution” below in November 2016. There is truly cause for concern, America is a revelatory window as to why.This is not a time to be complacent or blasé! As it is a time of intensified rise of evil of the kind that promotes hatred & division “wickedness” as according to end time prophecy so it should be a time for God’s generals to call a spade a spade and pray accordingly and with fervency. Prophecy must come to pass, but let’s pray for protection, God’s strength, boldness and supernatural joy in the midst of fear inducing circumstances. 
 Rise of A “Love-Truth Tramps Hate-Lies” Revolution

While there is a revolution in the land, with people strongly pointing out injustices and being a voice for social equality and justice as never before, so too this is happening in the church. The violence attached to protests in the land is because of anger due to certain events and the fear of the unknown, uncertainty and mistrust. 
In the church there is also a revolution underway by those I feel compelled to call the remnants, the no nonsense pursuers of God, overcomers from their personal tribulations (of the Rev 7:9 type), and as written towards the end of this poem the “triumphant warriors”. These God ordained warriors/remnants are not physically violent unto destruction, but as end time John the Baptist, they are spiritually violent in terms of their building of the Kingdom of God that suffers violence (persecution, affront of the enemy etc…) by way of intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, vocal expression and strong stand against social inequality and injustices.

Rise of A “Love-Truth Tramps Hate-Lies” Revolution :

Liars sing to the tune of a shrieking lyre, a deceptive song, claiming to be in the light as leaders, peacemakers, church workers and members of notable fraternities.
They abide in darkness ’cause of hate for their brother of a different mother and father, from a different land altogether, a place much further. 
Delusional and encaged in hollow rage they live in twilight and are sick in their minds ’cause of the deceiver’s dynamite.
They dwell in ancient chambers with hellish ideas of who is who, delighting in the master and slave relational status quo.
The window blinds to their hearts are down. Blind, they think they can see, a walking dead living on dead end street. 
Embossed on their hearts as a badge of honour is hate for another race, one of a foreign land or religion and are chocked with unforgiveness towards their neighbours.
They drown in the sea of hate, spouting venom in divisive hood, beating the drum of falsehood, scheming a race and social war in many a neighbourhood.
Triumphant Warriors are on the rise; some on bended knees, others in action so the world can see, as they fight for God’s love and unity to be man’s keen priority.
Forever destroyers of satanic agendas and judgements, the heavenly regiment sound the Most High’s gong with this redemptive truth in their song:
“Forgive and you shall be forgiven by the Father. Love God and one another, regardless of skin colour, race, social status and one’s gender”.
©Deborah E.Nyamekye 12/11/2016