The Word of the Lord (10/11/2017) & prayer

This morning, I was reading Job 29 and after reading verse 15 I felt led to pause and received this prophetic word from the LORD:

Job 29:15 Job said “I was eyes to the blind,and feet was I to the lame”

I heard the LORD say “Oh that my people would be eyes to the blind and feet to the lame, the helping hand to those who cannot hold a compass nor a lamp to find their way.

Where shall I find such as put away their agenda and seek to fulfill my call on their lives – the mission I have entrusted to them from the beginning of time.

The day is as night and men grope fearfully, distrusting one another, race wars, gender wars have spilled forth into the earth to overflowing. The gun and knife are as play things, toys in the carnival of life!
Awake! Rise up, do not sleep says the LORD. Those on the mission field, prepared for this time beware of the blinding and maiming powers, the forces of distraction that put my people to sleep, that stump on their compassion and zeal to serve.
Awake! Intercessors, voices of justice and peace Awake!
a.m 10/11/2017 DEN


Father I pray for myself and stand in the gap for the church and anyone who has grieved your spirit in these areas you mention in the prophecy.

Forgive us your people who have fallen short. We acknowledge where we have erred; more self focused rather than seeking you first so as to fulfil what you prioritise – care and help towards the needy and vulnerable. We ask that you change our hearts and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Help us in our weakness LORD for we can do nothing nor change our ways without your help. We cry out for the world and seek to be agents of change, world transformers by the enabling might of the Holy Spirit.

Father, use us as your vessels, give us ideas and strategies where we can make a difference in relation to issues that grieve your heart (e.g. the poor/needy, race and gender conflicts). Teach us LORD to be a voice, your voice in the midst of a world flooded with injustice and contention.

We acknowledge that you have been working in our personal lives and in the nations and give you praise and thanks, however Father we pray for the mantel of intercession for issues on your agenda to increase upon your church and revive as anew with the compassion of Christ for the sake of our predestined mission and calling.
In Jesus name we pray Amen.


The Word of the LORD to the Prayer Warrior

The Word of the LORD to prayer warriors posted (on Facebook) a year ago today is still applicable: 

“Sound the trumpet and proclaim not holding back. I have armed you for strength in the battle. I am with you always and know your heart, ready to do my bidding.
I have projects to unfold, to excite your soul and those you engage with on my behalf. Rest assured faithful one, those with you are more than those who are not. You will never be alone, I have plans for you and plans to impart through you. Sound the trumpet in the land, use the axe at the root, uproot, pull down and rebuild says the Lord who has called you and raised you”

May God bless you as you receive it as a Word for you Amen!

4/07/201 6



A Lamentation & Convocation to Intercede for Healing: From a world of deceptive twists & turns to God’s Truth

There are many living an alternative life but do not know it, a Jekyll and Hyde existence with perceived relevance but in truth it is a great deception, a farce in a bubble of world tolerance.

World tolerance ’cause its the norm, no more frowned upon, no more questioned. Mankind with his head buried in sand ought to mourn and seek a way out from the sorry state he’s in.
Mind control with its twists and turns is the media goal. Campaigners with esoterists and sorcerers conjure schemes to influence and pocket minds in the public sphere.
Where is Truth? 
Gone with the wind!

Here now, gone tomorrow;

Naked, but think they are clothed.

Hungry, but proclaim they are satisfied.

The one, sooner or later is a clone of the other in word, thought and deed as the domino effect of half truths, lies and alternative facts take their toll. 
The opinions of politicians, godlike celebrities, jo blog are deemed more important than what God has to say!
It is time to mourn.

It is time to weep.

It is time to intercede,

have no recess,

have no rest in labour for GOD’S TRUTH to abound that it may 

become paramount for the healing of man, his family and nation. 


The Word of the LORD 12/04/2017: “My Truth is Absolute not Relative, says the LORD”

“Man says “Truth is relative”

Man has his truth and says it is God’s doing but I Elohim, I’m not in it.
My truth is not defined by what man determines truth is.
I am God.
I change not with the wind.
I move not by man’s emotions.
I am true to my Word and do not shift like the changing seasons.
Shifting to and fro within man’s boundaries is not my mandate.
This is me, man’s creator.
Not to do as man pleases, to react as man wills but to do what I please and proclaim what is to be done.
My power and might for all to see.
My will to be done, my purpose to fulfil, in a world I created and determine its end as I did it’s beginning.”

 My note: let us stand in the gap for the church in repentance where we have discarded God’s truth/true fundamental doctrines or watered it down and made excuses that we live in modern times and things have changed so we must either interpret God’s word so that it suits the times we live in or we must ignore parts that we have decided is not for our day.

How can a church that does this, shifts its definition of what is Truth like the wind influence the world for God in a world that is increasingly fed “fake news” and governed by leaders that thrive on deception or lies?
God bless Deborah x

 The video below includes (after I read out the Word) a short discourse & intercessory prayer for us; believers and the church as a whole.

Video – to add shortly