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Books (Volume 1 & 2) Our God Reigns – Inspirational Prophetic Christian Poetry

Appointed Time of Recompense

Recompense.jpegThis prophetic poem is a Word of
encouragement to those who have given up on the world, suffer difficulties but still keep on keeping on in faith and for His sake. He is the God who not only hears and sees, but He also takes note and recompenses and blesses:

Appointed time of Recompense

Father knows you ended
the evil worldly game to
carry your cross in shame
to live your life for His fame.
He sees how you
refrain from giving up
under the strain of
a life of struggles and pain
and how you choose to sing
“By my God I am
always joyful,
full of gratitude,
Oh forever thankful”.

He hears your
shouts of joy,
sonnets of gratitude,
songs of thanksgiving.

Your voice of praise rises to the
skies until saturated heavenly
clouds can no more hold your
treasures reserved in storehouse
preserves, until there is a breaking
forth of abundant blessings,
mighty outpourings with
no end in sight.

Hurricanes of blessings,
Storms of rewards.
for the time of restoration
and recompense is now.

Do not hold back
for the time is now,
raise your hands
for the LORD says

┬ęDeborah E. Nyamekye 7/04/2016