Prophetic Poem of Counsel & Encouragement: The Spirit of Truth


The Word of the LORD 12/04/2017: “My Truth is Absolute not Relative, says the LORD”

“Man says “Truth is relative”

Man has his truth and says it is God’s doing but I Elohim, I’m not in it.
My truth is not defined by what man determines truth is.
I am God.
I change not with the wind.
I move not by man’s emotions.
I am true to my Word and do not shift like the changing seasons.
Shifting to and fro within man’s boundaries is not my mandate.
This is me, man’s creator.
Not to do as man pleases, to react as man wills but to do what I please and proclaim what is to be done.
My power and might for all to see.
My will to be done, my purpose to fulfil, in a world I created and determine its end as I did it’s beginning.”

 My note: let us stand in the gap for the church in repentance where we have discarded God’s truth/true fundamental doctrines or watered it down and made excuses that we live in modern times and things have changed so we must either interpret God’s word so that it suits the times we live in or we must ignore parts that we have decided is not for our day.

How can a church that does this, shifts its definition of what is Truth like the wind influence the world for God in a world that is increasingly fed “fake news” and governed by leaders that thrive on deception or lies?
God bless Deborah x

 The video below includes (after I read out the Word) a short discourse & intercessory prayer for us; believers and the church as a whole.

Video – to add shortly