The power of the prophetic word of God to re-affirm, bring a turn around, give and restore hope.

I preached and ministered prophetically on 29th July 2017 at a women’s conference called “Time to Blossom” hosted by Pastor Henrietta Azah, The Christian Woman Ministry.
My message was “You have what it takes to fulfil your destiny/to blossom. To the glory of God, I highlight some of the feedback I had about the Prophetic words God used me to give mainly to highlight the power of the prophetic word to re-affirm, bring a turn around, give and restore hope. This is in effect an aspect of the healing & transformation of the Body of Christ that we should not under estimate.  

One spoke of her personal call of God in Ministry to children (a prophetic dream someone had about her in children’s ministry prompted her into it many years ago) and she was wanting to give it up for some reasons however I was led to pick her. 

(I did not have time as they were running late so I cut my message short and just picked a few people at random to minister to. It appeared “at random” but God directed me.)

When I did, the Lord spoke into the Ministry with children powerfully to this lady, even words of expansion in this area.

She broke into tears and I sensed she had truly received this word and it completely touched her to the core. This Prophetic Word had affirmed her Ministry and she was encouraged and so will not stop.

The other lady said “you know all the people you picked to prophecy over from this church go to the same home group. I was thinking of leaving that group because of all the negativity! But I think after today there will be a change.

 In fact one of them, an elderly lady (in the same home group) sitting next to me who you called out, prior to you calling her out she said words to the effect that there was no hope to her blossoming at her age (I had also just included in my teaching that blossoming or fulfilling one’s destiny does not have an age limit). But I think there will be change now so I will stay”. I said “praise that you are encouraged enough to stay in your home group now.”

God knew what He was doing when I went around choosing people to prophecy over…God knew the urgency of certain situations and in the limited time, He dealt with them by the might of the prophetic word. 

I am encouraged and blessed to serve the Body in this way!  

You are blessed & highly favoured determine to remain so!

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Deborah x


“Watchman what do you see? Babylon is Fallen!” – Prophetic Word/ Expressions of God Given Thoughts on Referendum (UK leave or remain in EU?) Voting day 23 June 2016 


I did not have this blog at the time, but as I feel these were special Prophetic expressions of God given thoughts and interactions with the LORD that developed throughout that day 23rd June 2016, I feel inclined to post it here one year on (it was posted on Facebook that same day, I include under it some people’s comments & my reply then):

Voting day of the referendum UK remain or leave the EU? This is what I felt led to write in a focused interaction with the LORD during the day: 

Watchman, what do you see?

I see…Babylon is fallen, is fallen! 

Since coming to the UK over 10 years ago, as the years have passed there has been an increase in prayer, praise/worship gatherings all over the UK, small and large. No doubt this is God’s appointed time (post 2000) of preparation of an outpouring never seen before in the “final hour” before the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Multitudes of “fire stations” of the Holy Spirit are scattered across the nation. As a “Mother nation” of nations so too this has an influence on races therein and their extended families across the globe. 

“4My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted me: the night of my pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me.5Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, [and] anoint the shield. 6For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

7And he saw a chariot [with] a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, [and] a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed: 8And he cried, A lion: My lord, I stand continually upon the watchtower in the daytime, and I am set in my ward whole nights:9And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, [with] a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground.” (Isaiah 21:4-9 KJV).

I see an army of God, great multitudes, not only in the UK but elsewhere contending day and night in holy indignation as warriors for God’s cause armed with His strength, they are His battle axe, watching, on their knees, lying on their faces weeping and lamenting for change, crying for change, a return of holiness and the fear of the LORD in His House, in the land, it’s political arena, government.
They refuse to walk by sight and only see as God sees, fixing the heart and mind on Him through His Word. Full of His Spirit and proclaiming the power in the blood of Jesus, the finished work on Calvary they are God’s end time Army, at their advance demons flee and take cover!

As I watch I see the enemies of God unable to build upon their foundations of old which have either broken or are unable to stay firm due to relentless spiritual warfare of God’s intercessors raised across the land. 
The established territorial enclaves of spiritual powers where they taunted God’s people & the nation at large and erected impenetrable (what they thought were as such) barriers are as houses built on sand, unstable or shaky. 
Yes, Babylon has fallen in the land, that system of tyranny & control, through its established freemasonry, occultic seat has fallen. That system of prideful affront through its laws and acts against the Most High God.
Proclaim it! Declare it!
I see before the great army of warriors/intercessors, the Lion of the tribe of Judah! The righteous branch, the Lord our righteousness, mighty to save.
What do I see? A long pipe, a sewage pipe it looks like, and out gushes as a torrent of water, multitudes of people, while I hear the shout of the LORD “Let my people go!!” 

Deborah E.Nyamekye 23/06/2016


Comments on Facebook on the same day (voting day) under above:

A.A I take it a vote for Bre it is in order.

(Bre – meaning Britain exits from the EU)

DN (my reply) My dear, I wrote this with no political view or leaning! Just as I felt led of God. But I would say there is a connection to the process in hand,blessings

A.J It is true. God is making a statement and soon it shall all be revealed.

E.I oh God arise and let your enemies be scattered

S.G Amen to the Most Holy One.

The next day (24th June 2016) when it was announced that Britain had voted to leave the EU:

J.B Thank you sister for this amazing word which resonates in my spirit like a tuning fork. Praise the Lord we did vote leave. Blessings John and Fiona

DN (my reply) Amen! In the very early hours of the morning yesterday voting day I had this word develop in me progressively. When I look back I can see clearly that the Lord was saying that the time of victorious manifestation of the intercessory arm of God at work for years for UK’s liberation from EU system has arrived! The vision of the pipe or tunnel & words  “let my people Go” was a revisit of a vision I had on 3rd Oct. 2004 at the time, I saw an image I discerned as Moses standing over the pipe and sensed the Spirit of deliverance at work.

This is what I hear the LORD saying (13/05/2017),  it is a Word for many in this time:

This is what I hear the LORD saying (13/05/2017) below. It is a Word for many in this time. 

While it is a word of recompense and restoration, it is also a warning, are we going to let the season upon us pass, are we going to see how God sees? Allow Him to enlighten us through His Word and so walk in His wisdom as opposed to throwing caution to the wind? 

It is as follows: A season of plenty is now. A season of revelation and know how. It is Harvest time. It is Heaven’s time to pour out plenty to those who have sown in tears for many years.
Look up for your time is nigh. It is time to receive and praise the LORD for deliverance from the lies you perceive as truth and raise above His name.

It is time to see so as to flee from what you think is a mere flood that will pass, but it is the surge of a multitude with blood on their hands seeking to chain you eternally to the high table of thuggery and apparent truths, among those that are merely a well suited facade.
It is Harvest Time. It is Heaven’s Time enter in don’t look back! 


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